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Services & Conditions


Functional movement analysis and intervention

  • Dr. Jameson has advanced training through The Institute of Clinical Excellence on “Clinical management of the Fitness Athlete” where she has acquired the skills to evaluate functional-fitness based movements and provide effective interventions and modifications in activities such as olympic weight lifting, gymnastics and body weight exercises
  • Functional movements include, but are not limited to: squatting, reaching, stepping, jumping, lunging, pushing, lifting, bending, and pulling
  • Functional movement quality is critical to living an uninhibited life. If our abilities to perform daily tasks become limited, we will lose our independence and freedom. Learning proper biomechanical movement patterns and implementing these into daily life will allow you to restore your sense of wholeness with long-term results

Manual therapy techniques

  • Dr. Jameson is certified in dry needling through the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy
  • Techniques include: Dry needling, hands-on joint mobilization, manual traction, soft-tissue mobilization, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), myofascial release, kinesiotaping, cupping
  • These techniques are indicated to reduce pain, improve blood flow, improve joint mobility and range of motion, and promote proprioceptive input

Gait analysis and intervention

  • Dr. Jameson has advanced training through The Institute of Clinical Excellence on running gait analysis and intervention. Dr. Jameson performs quality video analysis, interpretation, and skilled correction to optimize your running performance
  • Involves a thorough evaluation of any symptoms you may have, assessment of your movement quality and strength, and video analysis of your running gait mechanics to determine an effective treatment plan to improve your running efficiency.
  • If you are a recreational jogger, competitive runner, or somewhere in between, a formal running gait analysis with proper intervention could get you back on your feet with long-term results.

Neuromuscular re-education

  • Involves re-training your nervous system and muscular system to effectively communicate for optimal quality of movement
  • Includes interventions targeted to improve motor control, coordination, postural re-education, sensory input, proprioception, joint control and stabilization, balance and fall prevention

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